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Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group prides itself in its level of service provided to our agents, and we provide a full-time staff ranging from administrative assistants to marketing consultants and even an in-house graphics designer to help agents create exciting, engaging and effective flyers, postcards and other marketing materials.

Plus, all CBTG agents get the invaluable benefit of having two of the most powerful names in real estate behind them on both the local and national levels. Coldwell Banker is one of the most trusted and most recognized names in real estate nationwide, giving credibility and respect to every agent wearing the CBTG badge. Not to mention Coldwell Banker Tomlinson which CBTG is a part of is the third largest Coldwell Banker franchise in the world!

On the greater regional level, CBTG is part of the Tomlinson Group of Real Estate companies, one of the most prominent and respected real estate companies in the Pacific Northwest, with a reach from Central Washington through Southern Idaho. Led by pioneers Bob Tomlinson and Fred Meyer, the Tomlinson family has earned its reputation as a company that embodies integrity, quality of work and respect across the region.

Locally, CBTG is led by Larry Laraway, a real estate powerhouse who got his start in the early 80s in the Boise area and most recently led Coldwell Banker Aspen Realty before joining forces with the Tomlinson family. Mr. Laraway is one of the most respected real estate professionals in the Boise area and continues to lead CBTG into the future with the same values on which he built his career and reputation – hard work, integrity, trust and diligence.

When you join Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group, joining us is only the beginning of the transition. We provide weekly training and consultation with our marketing department and managing brokers to ensure that year after year, you learn and grow your business so that every year is better than the one before it. Just click the “Education and Training” button above to see an example of what a normal month looks like on our training calendar.

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Coldwell Banker Tomlinson - Capitol
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Coldwell Banker Tomlinson - Eagle
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Coldwell Banker Tomlinson - Emerald
6933 Emerald Street, Boise, ID
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609 N Midland Blvd, Nampa, ID
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