New to Real Estate

New to Real Estate?

What it requires to become a CBTG agent…

  • Excellent communication skills
  • People skills
  • Patience
  • Great time management skills
  • Knowledge of business and marketing
  • Persistence
  • Excellent work ethic

Starting your career on the right foot…

Choosing a career path in real estate is a major decision and can be a very rewarding one for the right person. Real estate agents are their own bosses, which comes with many perks:

  • Write your own schedule
  • Be your own boss
  • Total creative control over your marketing efforts
  • Total control over your workload
  • Complete flexibility in your business model
  • Write your own income

But all of these perks don’t come for free! The old proverb “with great power comes great responsibility” is perfectly true for those entering real estate – you have complete control over your business, meaning no one is going to wake you up in the morning, no one is going to tell you what time to be at work and no one is going to pay you if you aren’t working hard!

Fortunately, CBTG is here to help you launch your business on the right foot, because when you see success, we do too. That’s why we provide a complete orientation program to help you not only through the first day or week of your real estate career, but through your entire career from start to finish!

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